Plus is an integrated program for people with complex behaviours – focused on positive behaviour support.

We believe everyone, regardless of their support needs, has the ability – and the right – to participate in the economy and society. We say “yes” where others say “too hard.”

“Plus is different from all the other programs I visited. And as a result, very quickly, Lili has just bloomed” – Margaret, mum of Plus participant – Lili

Too often, we see people with complex behaviour support needs put in the “too hard” basket. However, over ten years’ service delivery experience has shown us that by redesigning and tailoring supports, we can support this group of people to develop their skills and reach their goals.

We focus on three service pillars:

1. Life skills day program

A 9am – 3pm day program for adults with complex behaviour support requirements across five key areas:

  1. Life skill development
  2. Work skills and task-based activities
  3. Social (community access)
  4. Creative expression
  5. Health and wellbeing
2. Clinical services

We service the Greater Sydney area and help people with complex behaviours across the following:

  • Positive Behaviour Support – now available and has capacity!
  • Occupational Therapy – coming soon.
  • Speech Pathology – coming soon.

Participants can access these clinical services in the same place as their day program – a place they feel welcome and secure – as part of their routine, in a more integrated, seamless way. We believe that this wraparound model achieves the best outcomes for our people. 

Please note, you can still access our clinical services on an individualised, hourly basis whether or not you are a participant of our Plus day program.

Our skilled Behaviour Support Practitioners will work with you to develop:

  • Behaviour support plans
  • Behaviour assessment reports
  • Crisis response plans
  • Plan implementation and training
  • NDIS review supporting letters

3. Behaviour Support Coordination

We have a dedicated positive behaviour support coordination service as part of the day program. This service interprets participants’ behaviour support plans for the Plus context and ensures staff are fully trained on individuals’ proactive and crisis management strategies.

Specialised, integrated behaviour support allows participants to engage more fully and freely in the community and improve their quality of life across measures such as choice and control, happiness, social relationships and feeling supported and safe.

“Finally we have found a place, post school, where Lili really belongs! She is surrounded by young, energetic support staff who understand and embrace her. She is forming friendships, socialising, learning new skills and exploring her community. Her days are interesting, active and happy. Thank you team plus for the way you contribute to Lili’s quality of life. The new premises is fabulous and caters so well for complex support needs.”


Mum of Plus participant - Lili

“Plus management and [support workers] have shown great understanding of and tolerance towards my daughter. She feels very welcomed at Plus – compared to a previous provider where she felt disrespected and bullied by [support workers]. This has helped her with learning to manage her emotions.”


Mum of Plus participant - Nina

“I have been very pleased with the professionalism and knowledge of the practitioner [at Plus Clinical]. We now have solid strategies in place for the support Emily requires. I feel confident that Emily is well supported to reach her full potential.”



Mum of Plus Clinical client - Emily

Who does Plus support?

  • We welcome adults and school-leavers with complex behaviour support requirements.
  • We are a registered NDIS provider and typically support people in 1:1 or 2:1 ratios, however if your support needs fall outside of this we are happy to discuss special arrangements to suit your needs.
  • NDIS participants can draw from Core Supports (Social and Community Participation and Daily Living) to fund their attendance. 

Thanks to highly trained staff and a specialised physical environment participants at Plus will:

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Improve daily living skills

Person icon in white standing with their hands on their hips

Increase independence

community icon in white

Be connected to the community

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Find wellbeing through a sense of purpose and belonging

Does Plus sound like it’s for you?

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Strategic Development Manager

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Community Engagement Lead